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Advisory for Indian Kuwait Housemaid

Advisory for Indian Kuwait Housemaid , Indian work power is very much respected by the Kuwaitis because of its high level of hard working attitudes, earnestness, diligent work and reputable nature, however there are a few instances of abuse and misuse looked by the Indian specialists, for example, retaining/non-installment/postponed installment of pay, long working hours, maintenance of international IDs, enlisting bogus allegations with police experts, physical and mental provocation, non-award of crisis leave and discharge, non-installment of additional time stipend and sustenance remittance and so on. Unnecessary to make reference to that there are troublesome working and living conditions in Kuwait (as is normal with other Gulf States), especially in summer months. Unfortunately, the laborers are likewise tricked and fleeced by some private enlisting specialists (RAs) in India for getting our nationals work visas with different false guarantees.

  1. In perspective on countless protests being gotten by the Embassy, the accompanying recommendations are made for the protect of Indian residents looking for work in Kuwait and welfare of the Indian laborers in Kuwait.


• Be certain about your Recruiting Agent. Request that he demonstrate his/her Original Registration Certificate issued by the Protector General of Emigrants, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Try not to manage him/her except if he/she is enlisted and that his/her enrollment is substantial and isn’t suspended/dropped. If there should be an occurrence of uncertainty, if it’s not too much trouble check with any of the workplaces of the Protectors of Emigrants (POEs) or the Protector General of Emigrants (PGE), Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, New Delhi (Tel: +91-2687 4250; email: [email protected]). Boycotted/enlisted selecting specialists and boycotted Kuwaiti organizations might be checked from Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, New Delhi, site: [email protected]

• Do not manage sub-Agents as they are not allowed under the Emigration Act, 1983 and Rules.

• Ask the Recruiting Agent to show to you the Demand Letter and Power of Attorney from the remote manager (mass enlistment) and the understanding among support and selecting operator (person).

• Also cautiously experience the Employment Contract itemizing the compensation/wage levels and other administration conditions. Least wages for various classes of Indian specialists coming to Kuwait for work are given on the Embassy’s site ( (By and by under amendment)

• Women beneath the age of 30 years (ECR Category) may not be conceded migrant leeway for work as housemaid, residential specialist, beautician, beautician, artist, arrange craftsman, workers, general laborer, and so forth.


• Ensure you have a Passport substantial for at any rate a half year. A substantial Visa must be either stepped on or go with your Passport. Likewise guarantee that your VISA is for a similar classification for which you have been enrolled. Continuously guard your Passport and Visa in guardianship. Keep an additional duplicate of your Passport and Visa with you and a duplicate of the equivalent may likewise be kept with your family/relatives in India just as dear companions.

• You must have a duplicate of the Employment Contract marked by you and your Kuwaiti business properly validated by the India Embassy (ECR class as it were).

• You must have an appropriate Employment Visa (No. 18) for work in Private part (example duplicate joined with interpretation) and Employment Visa No. (20) for work in residential part (example duplicate joined with interpretation). The Visa No. 14 (business visit visa-example duplicate joined with interpretation) is just present moment (3 months or something like that) visa for work and it doesn’t rehash not ensure move of visa to Visa No. 18 nor does it grant further remain past expiry of the time of visa.

• In instance of any uncertainty about the validity of the Visa sent to you, if you don’t mind check with the Embassy of India, Kuwait (email: [email protected]; [email protected]) promptly for confirmation.

• Ensure that you have a legitimate Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana Policy (PBBY strategy)

• Acquaint yourself with nearby work laws, working and living states of Kuwait. Keep with you complete location, telephone, email of the Indian Embassy in Kuwait (accessible on the Embassy’s site:


• As far as could be allowed, never part with your international ID and the business contract.

• Obtain a Residence Permit (Iqama) and Civil ID.

• Do not sign some other Employment Contract or any clear paper.

• Do not strike work or resort to disturbances. These are unlawful under Kuwaiti work laws. You could be captured, detained and furthermore ousted.

• Do not convey any medications without the applicable remedies from a Doctor.

• Avoid all contacts that may bring about AIDS – a feared sickness.

• Keep in contact with the Indian Embassy in Kuwait and report any grumblings about non-installment or postponed installment of wages or remunerations or some other issue to the Indian Embassy.


• Personal stuff – Customs checking is extremely STRICT. Please co-work with the Customs staff at the Kuwait International Airport.

• Ensure that you don’t convey any opiates or mixed beverages. Liquor is carefully restricted. Its utilization is a genuine offense pulling in serious discipline.

• Do not acknowledge any unchecked package from any one. On the off chance that you need to take a package for somebody, check completely that it doesn’t contain liquor or opiates. Else, it might arrive you in genuine challenges on entry in the nation of business.


• The State religion of the State of Kuwait is Islam. Open routine with regards to some other religion isn’t permitted.

Precautionary measures:

• You must keep a photocopy of the considerable number of pages of your Passport. Try not to lose/lose your Passport or its photocopy.

• In case you lose/lose your Passport, advise the Indian Embassy promptly giving them subtleties, for example International ID number, date and spot of issue, your name and date of your entrance in the nation. You can give these subtleties just in the event that you keep a photocopy of your Passport.

• Do not lose your duplicate of Employment Contract. Make photocopies and keep them with you generally.

• You must have a complete name, address, phone/fax number of your outside manager, before you leave India.

• If you experience issues in finding your Kuwaiti Employer, contact the Embassy of India in Kuwait right away.

• Do not acknowledge impermanent or perpetual work with someone else or foundation other than that the supporting Company/foundation/individual. Work with people other than your unique support is carefully denied and pulls in discipline/extradition.

• Before the Visa or Employment Contract terminates, get them restored. On the off chance that you are coming back to India for a brief span during the residency of your Employment Contract abroad, guarantee that the legitimacy time of Visa does not terminate before you come back to Kuwait.

• Also guarantee that your Passport is legitimate. In any event two months before it is going to terminate; get it revalidated from the Indian Embassy in Kuwait.


• A duplicate of the most recent variant of Labor Law of Kuwait is encased. If it’s not too much trouble experience it with the goal that you don’t disregard the equivalent and simultaneously know your rights and commitments under the Law.

• Indian laborers confronting disturbances/physical or mental maltreatment or contest with their support in regards to non-installment of wages, leave, and so forth can contact the Indian Workers Welfare Centre (IWWC), Embassy of India, Kuwait (Domestic Workers :Tel: 22530600 and 22530612 Ext. 236, 220 and 240; Company Workers:Tel: 22530612 and 22530600 – Ext. 253) to deal with their issues.

• The staff of Labor Wing will attempt to deal with their issues exchanges with the backer for an agreeable settlement. On the off chance that no understanding or settlement is come to through talks, the laborer concerned is encouraged to approach the Labor Court .

• To help the Indian specialists seeking after the case in the Labor Court, laborers can contact Embassy’s Panel of Lawyers for introductory legitimate guidance center for nothing out of pocket.

• Workers confronting issues identifying with working conditions or living conditions in Camps given by the Company, must bring to the notice of the Embassy for taking up the issue with the Management.

• It is in every case useful for every Indian national to keep the duplicate of their Residence Permit (Iqama) and work contract with them to shield their advantage.

• Workers confronting any issues can contact the Embassy officials in Labor Wing for exhortation/redressal of their complaints( For contact subtleties of concerned officials , please snap Contact Details)

• It is illicit to work with another support except if you have gotten nearby discharge and international ID from your unique support, generally the first support can generally document a departing suddenly report bringing about your extradition.


• Indian male and female residential laborers in trouble (housemaids, cooks, drivers, and houseboys) can contact the Embassy whenever for any help. The quantities of Officers are given beneath.

• The upset can be given asylums (both female and male) by the Embassy while their complaints are being tended to.

• There is, by and by, no Labor Laws for those working in residential area. Subsequently, the goals of their issues takes additional time through the coordination with the authorities of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior, Kuwait.

• It is unlawful to work with another support except if you have acquired exchange of your visa by following legitimate system generally the first support can generally record a departing suddenly report bringing about your expulsion.

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