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Commercial Maid

Commercial Maid , Along with our chief home cleaning administration, Sears Maid Services additionally offers astounding business cleaning administrations for workplaces of different sizes. Our expert house cleaner staff is authorized, reinforced, and safeguarded. We invest heavily in keeping up an able, ingenious staff and holding our partners to the largest amounts of polished skill and uprightness.

For brilliance and devotion in office and expert cleaning administrations, call a privately staffed and worked Sears Maid Services branch.

Office Cleaning

An office space is more than the work areas, seats, and apparatuses that line the lobbies and meeting rooms—it’s the essence of your organization. Your office establishes a connection on your workers and the customers who come to visit. A well-kept, appealing office conveys both profitability and fitness, ensuring that customers are invited and workers feel comfortable.

An ugly, tarnished office, brimming with residue and trash, then again, passes on turmoil and ineffectiveness. Try not to give a filthy office a chance to space establish a poor connection on customers and dampen your staff. Our prepared experts will ensure your office looks extraordinary step by step or step by step. Planning is adaptable relying upon your office size and needs.

Gathering, Office, and Common Areas

Void and reline all waste receptacles

Residue all window ledges

Residue all work areas

Clean all telephones

Residue office apparatus and cupboards

Residue baseboards

Clean window insides, mirrors, and glass

Compass, mop, and vacuum all floors


Clean and sanitize toilets, apparatuses, urinals, light switches, and parcels

Clean mirrors

Scope and mop floors

Restock all towels, tissue, and cleanser gadgets

Kitchen and lounge

Wipe and clean spigots and installations

Clean and disinfect ledges and backsplashes

Clean range hood surface

Spot clean bureau outsides

Wipe microwave all around

Restock and refill towels and cleanser allocators

Wipe down all machines

Wash dishes

For inquiries on cleaning strategies, systems, or any ideal cleaning not recorded above, get in touch with us for more subtleties. We’ll examine planning and valuing plans for your remarkable office space and needs.

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