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The Housemaid Full Checklist

The Housemaid Full Checklist , So frequently in life when we are managing individuals we contract to help us in our homes, we simply don’t set aside the effort to do little things that are thoughtful, or even conscious. In the most ideal situation our reason is scurry, however in such a large number of cases it is an absence of affect ability, a feeling of privilege or presumption.

Every one of the three of these frames of mind make me insane, particularly when they identify with how you treat individuals who have come to support you. Great connections are based on common regard. Given this, regardless of your identity communicating with, they are meriting not too bad conduct on your part.


Clean trash can

Dye stove top/broiler

Clean microwave

Clean/sterilize sink

Clean counters

Residue baseboards

Range/mop floors

Discard terminated sustenance

Wash dishes

Wipe down front of cupboards

Wipe down surfaces

Lounge area

Residue blinds


Wash windows and window ledges

Windex glass surfaces

Wipe down baseboards

Residue/wipe down table and seats


Residue furniture/racks/hardware

Vacuum floor/corners

Wash windows/window ledges

Sort out things

Residue lights/lighting apparatuses

Wipe down all surfaces

Residue baseboards

Home Office

Residue furniture/racks

Toss out trash/reusing


Wipe down seat, console, telephone

Wash windows/window ledges


Change/wash cloths and cushion pads

Residue baseboards/furniture/lights

Wash all shades

Vacuum floor

Get garments/things

Wash windows/blinds


Fade sink/counters

Wash latrine

Wash tub/shower

Sort out organizers

Breadth and mop floors

Clean mirror(s)

Wash/change shower shade

Wash/change any mats

Dispose of rubbish

Storage rooms

Dispose of old things

Compose things

Wipe down racks

Vacuum floor

Supplies Needed

Universally handy Cleaner

Heating Soda


Floor brush


Cleaning Gloves


Microfiber Cloths

Paper Towels

Cleaning Brush



Window/Glass Cleaner

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