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How Often to Do Air Conditioner Maintenance
Air conditioner maintenance is something many people don’t think about. However, it is an important part of the overall maintenance of your home. No matter whether it is a window type air conditioner, or a central air conditioner, ac cleaning service maintenance should be something you do regularly.

Twice A Year Cleaning
Your air conditioner, when maintained, will last for a long time. Regular maintenance will also prevent costly repairs. Set up a schedule of cleaning, and maintaining your ac cleaning service at least twice a year. You should clean off the coils, the housing, the vents, and the duct work for central air before and after the season.

Keep Covered When Storing
When using a window style air conditioner, cover the actual condensing unit before storing it away. This will prevent any small rodents or bugs from making a home it in. You can also keep a lot of the dust out of the ducts and vents.

Clean Once A Week
While you are in the middle of the summer months, you should also make it a point to dust and make sure the vents are clean in your ac cleaning service.

Schedule It In
One way to make sure that you keep the ac cleaning maintained is to set up a schedule. A simple card located on the side of the sharjah ac cleaning will keep you on track. Just initial it every time you clean it, or change a filter, with the date.
The compressor and condenser are located in the outdoor heat pump unit. The condenser fins help the system dissipate heat more efficiently, much like the radiator in a vehicle.

After heat is removed from the indoor air through the refrigeration cycle, hot refrigerant gets sent to the outdoor unit. The main job of the outdoor unit is to release heat the refrigerant absorbed from your indoor air.
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A condenser fan helps blow air over the outdoor coils (what the refrigerant flows through) to release heat energy to the outside air. Unfortunately, if your outdoor unit is clogged and airflow impeded, it will take a lot longer for the refrigerant to release the heat. Just like how your body couldn’t release the heat when wrapped in a wool blanket.

Not only will it take longer for the al ain ac cleaning to cool your home, you’ll also be wasting energy and spending more money. If there isn’t proper airflow around the outdoor condenser coils, your air conditioner could overheat and breakdown — usually on one of the hottest days of the year.
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To keep your air conditioner clean and energy efficient, schedule professional AC maintenance every spring. Sign up for a home maintenance plan so you never forget the important task of scheduling annual HVAC tune-ups.

While your HVAC professional will most likely include a full condenser cleaning as part of the annual AC tune-up, confirm this detail before scheduling service.

Once a certified HVAC technician has cleaned the unit, you won’t have to worry about cleaning it again for another few months. Still, it’s a good idea to supplement professional HVAC tune-ups with some DIY maintenance of your own.

Below, we’ll show you how you can clean the outdoor AC unit (condenser coils and fins) — without paying a pr

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