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Is a Cleaning Service Right for Me?

We say “YES IT IS” (and we’ll prove it to you!)
by Venice Cleaning & Maid Services
©2012 – Venice Cleaning & maid services. All Rights Reserved.
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Hiring someone to clean your home is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. One reason has to do with trust. After all, the people you hire will be in your home, around you and your family, and around your personal belongings. Another reason is that many people feel that they will do the work better than someone else can. And then there is the financial side. Can I really afford a cleaning service? All of these are certainly valid concerns.

If you have been thinking about hiring a house cleaning service then you may very well benefit from reading this information. Regardless of whether or not you hire us or someone else to clean your home, this information will be useful. In this article you will find information on: tips for hiring a cleaning service; benefits of having a house cleaning service; average price information for house cleaning service; common questions and answers regarding terms of service; and information on why hiring a house cleaning service may make great financial sense.

Considerations Before You Begin Your Search

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to hiring someone to clean your home. One of the first questions to consider is: “Should I hire a cleaning service (a business) or should I find a ‘cleaning lady or maid’ to do the work?” There are pros and cons to both. We feel the pros for hiring a “service” greatly outweigh those for hiring an individual.

One of the biggest advantages in favor of hiring a house cleaning service is that most cleaning service companies have more than one cleaner on staff. This could be important especially when the “regular” cleaner is ill, has a family emergency, doctors appointment, etc. Well established cleaning services will have back-up cleaners who are cross-trained on each of their client’s homes in order to remedy such situations. Also, cleaning services likely offer a wider range of services, such as window washing, pressure washing, home-watch services, and more. And a third advantage is efficiency. In most cases the cleaning services team can clean your house in about 2 hours or less, whereas an individual/maid may be in your home working for 4 or more hours! Do you really want the cleaning lady hanging around your house all day?

Another question you will want to consider is: “How often do I need to have my house cleaned?” Most house cleaners and cleaning services offer choices, either weekly, biweekly (every 2 weeks), and monthly. Factors that may affect your decision (and the price you pay for service) may include:

· How many people live in the home?
· Do you have pets?
· Is there a lot or a little traffic in and out of the home?
· How dirty does my house get each week?
· What are your own standards for cleanliness?
· How often do I clean my own home?
· How often do you entertain?
· Do you require “basic” cleaning or “full service” cleaning?

In most cases, your choice regarding how often you want your house cleaned will affect the per-cleaning price you pay. For example, at Venice Cleaning & maid services, we charge a lower rate per cleaning for weekly service as compared to monthly service. Why? This is mostly due to the fact that it is much simpler for us to maintain a clean home for you if we are there every week.

For what it’s worth…on average, clients who use our service opt for biweekly house cleaning or express maid services and feel that cleaning once every other week is perfectly fine for them.

Tips for Hiring a House Cleaner or Cleaning Service

Ok. After you’ve decided on whether you like the idea of a “cleaner/maid” or a “service,” and you have an idea of how often you would like service at your home, then you are ready to begin the process of finding qualified individuals or businesses that can do the work. Contact those whom you are interested in and ask to schedule an estimate for service. Don’t make the mistake of accepting a quote over the phone or online. It is literally impossible to provide an accurate quote for service without first seeing the home and speaking to the owner(s).

Consider these tips during your decision process:

  1. Never hire a cleaning service over the internet
  2. Meet the owners or management in person
  3. Never accept a quote over the telephone or internet
  4. Get a written estimate for service
  5. Be sure to spell out exactly what tasks will be performed
  6. Find out how long the person or company has been in business
  7. Get copies of bonds and proof of insurance
  8. Get at least 5 references and talk to each one
  9. Ask if a contract is required for service and, if so, understand the terms
  10. Make sure you approve of the cleaning products that are used by the company or individual

Pricing for House Cleaning Service

Since house cleaning is such a service-centric business, it is impossible to provide accurate information about what you will pay for service at your home. Also, many cleaners out there charge ridiculously low prices in order to “win” your business. More often times than not (and as the old saying goes), you do get what you pay for – and generally even less in this case!

You can expect that most individual cleaners/maids charge by the hour, while services such as Venice Cleaning & maid services charges clients by the job. We feel that per-job pricing is more advantageous to our clients simply because of consistency: you know how much you are paying each and every time we clean your house. Also, many of our clients who have switched to our service from having a cleaner/maid have reported that they did not feel comfortable that the person they had been paying hourly was doing work efficiently. It does stand to reason that a person being paid hourly might work a little slower in order to get paid more!

Ok. So how will hiring a cleaning service impact your budget? The table below shows our entry prices for house cleaning services in Sarasota County, FL. Please bear in mind that these figures are presented only as a guideline for your convenience.
Price for house cleaning service. Premium Cleaning Services – Venice, FL.
Starting prices for house cleaning service by Venice Cleaning & Maid Services – Venice, FL.
Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service

There are many benefits to having a cleaning service clean. Assuming you have made a wise decision in hiring your cleaning service, you just may experience some or perhaps all of these great benefits:

· You will gain more free time in your life.
· Your home will be consistently cleaner.
· You will shed the feeling of “dread” that comes with cleaning your own home.
· You may have time to pick up a new hobby.
· You can spend weekends with friends and family instead of cleaning your house.
· You may feel increasingly happier and healthier!

Take note of the second bullet and the phrase “consistently cleaner.” What is meant by this is simply that, unlike you or your spouse, your cleaning service is being paid by you to perform! Let’s face it; none of us really enjoy the notion of working for free. So it stands to reason that a pay-for-performance agreement with a cleaning service will produce more consistent results!

Have you ever been on vacation and felt the dreaded feeling of coming home to an untidy home? Even the most enjoyable vacation leaves you feeling tired when you get home. Do you really want to clean house when you return? Instead, wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that your home will be spotless when you return home from vacation because you were wise enough to hire an awesome house cleaning service like Premium Cleaning Services?

Ideas for Justifying a Cleaning Service to Clean Your Home

Now that we have gone over the benefits and have presented some thoughts and tips on how to go about finding the right cleaner or service for you, let’s look at a couple of good arguments in favor of hiring a cleaning service to clean your home.

With married couples sometimes one spouse wants a cleaning service while the other one does not. Two common objections from the naysayer of the house include: “We can’t afford it” and “It’s your job to clean the house.” Our culture has contributed to both of these arguments where it may be customary for the woman to care for the home inside while the man takes care of the outdoor work around the house. A good counter-argument might be: “We hired a service to cut the grass and do the landscaping work. Now I’m ready for a service to clean the inside of the house!” Use this one with care and caution! Our best advice is to make certain that you and your spouse are on the same page with the decision to hire a cleaning service before you move forward.

Now let’s delve in to the dollars and cents part of it from an objective viewpoint.

A popular trend in business today is “outsourcing.” Simply put, outsourcing is the practice of offloading certain aspects of a business to another service provider who specializes in that particular service. For example, a large auto manufacturer may outsource its lunchroom service to a company who only manages lunchrooms. So, why do businesses outsource? The best answer to that question is that outsourcing allows a business to concentrate on it’s core business (building cars), while at the same time providing an even higher level of service in the area that has been outsourced (lunchroom service). We bring this to your attention simply because the same reasoning applies to hiring (or outsourcing the business of cleaning your home or office) a cleaning service.

So, is it cost-effective to hire a house cleaning service? Let’s look at an example in order to help answer this question objectively. Assume a married couple earning a combined income of $85k per year is asking this question. The couple owns a nice 3 bedroom/2 bath home in Sarasota, FL. The husband is a chef and the wife is a school teacher.

Let’s break down their annual income to an hourly figure ($85,000 / 2080 hrs. based on a 40 hour work week) = $41.00/hour. Let’s further assume that this couple spends at least 4 hours per week cleaning their home (consider the sum total of all cleaning tasks throughout the week). The simple math says that if the married couple in this example chooses to clean their own house, they would be doing so at a rate of $164.00/week ($41 x 4 hrs.).

Premium Cleaning Services, a full-service cleaning company based in Venice, FL, charges on average $85.00/week for house cleaning service for a 3 bed/2 bath home. So in this example, the married couple would be saving $79.00/week by hiring Premium Cleaning Services to clean their home!


We hope this article has been helpful to you as you ponder the notion of hiring a cleaning service. Of course, once you decide to move forward with your decision, please email us or call us first! We would be honored to have you as a new friend and client!

And if you are still not convinced that hiring a cleaning service is the right thing for you, please click here for more information. Also, there are many great articles out on the web about this important topic. Please check out out GRIME BLOG for a list of additional sources you may find useful!

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